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One wintry day I was lucky enough to stumble upon this awesome movie, and thus began my love affair with the films based on Terry Pratchett books. There are only three live action films so far but I hope there are many more to come.

Hogfather is Pratchett's Discworld take on Santa Claus, and as with everything else in the Discworld universe its a bit cracked.  Hogfather has gone missing and so it falls to Death to takeover for him, with of course disastrous results! Susan, Death's granddaughter, is tasked with discovering where Hogfather has disappeared to. There is also an insane assassin named Teatime, a castle of teeth, the "Oh God" of hangovers and various and sundry bits of Pratchett's brand of snark and lunacy.

Perhaps the best aspect of this film, and the others based on Discworld, is the styling. These are just visual delights, check them all out!

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