by Ally Carter

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Katarina Bishop is trying to get out of the family business. This isn't as easy at it might sound, especially when your family is in the business of planning heists, pulling off cons, and robbing art museums. Kat has conned her way in to an exclusive boarding school and thinks she has a chance at redefining her future. But it's hard to say no when your family is in trouble. When Kat's dad gets blamed for the theft of a VERY bad man's most treasured paintings, Kat has to go back to her old life and help. Because if this guy doesn't get his paintings back within 2 weeks, Kat's dad will be punished. Kat puts together a crew of the best teenagers in the con business, intent on finding the true thief and re-stealing the paintings. Complications arise when they find out who the thief is and where the paintings were stashed--a place nearly impossible to break in to. Add a few cute boys and ethical dilemmas to the mix, and you've got a caper with humor and heart that will have you rooting for the success of these clever teen criminals.

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