by Sara Shepard

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Sure, it was bad.  But I liked it.  Sometimes a spectacularly tasteless book just hits the spot.

You know the Saybrooks...begins the book jacket blurb, by way of introduction.  And we do indeed; the Saybrooks are a wealthy family with dark secrets not unlike any other American dynasty, fact or fiction.  Five young women are the Saybrook heiresses, each with a particularly un-heiress-like secret hanging about in her recent past: Aster is a partying model with dirt on her father, Corinne had a scandalous rendezvous that now threatens her upcoming marriage, Rowan is secretly engaged in a forbidden love affair, Natasha mysteriously disinherited herself, and Poppy...whatever Poppy's dark secret is, she takes it with her to the grave the day she leaps to her death from her New York office building.

And so begins the salacious story of the Saybrook heiresses, a delicious novel practically made to be read on the beach.

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