by Timothy Zahn

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Heir to the Empire is an installment in the series of the mega-popular Stars Wars franchise.  If you don’t know what that franchise is, then don’t read this book because you need to know about what has happened in the previous installments to understand this one.  If you do know what that is, then you can continue reading this review in hopes that it might help you to decide whether or not to read the book.  I’ve never read a Star Wars book, but I did like the movies, so disclaimer: my entire opinion on this book is based against that backdrop.  The story picks up five years after the Return of the Jedi, the one where the Rebels have seemingly destroyed the dreaded Empire.  However, the Empire is not completely helpless and formulates a plan to regain control over the universe.  To be honest, the book is kind of boring because unlike the movies there is no visual stimulation.  Maybe if it were made into a movie it wouldn’t be so bad, but as books go it’s nothing spectacular.  The story seems to drag on and on and then inevitably ends with a “To Be Continued…”  I can say that I won’t be picking up any more Star Wars books, but will probably go see the movies if they make any more.  If you do like Star Wars books, then this will probably be an enjoyable read as I imagine its plot structure and writing are similar to many others.

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