by Bec McMaster


In this second volume of McMaster's London Steampunk series, we follow the Beast, Will Carver, a dangerous and solitary werewolf, and Lena Todd, a master clockworker and the younger sister of Will's boss' wife (Blade and Honoria from Kiss of Steel).

Because the verwulfen curse is a virus, and mating with humans is forbidden, Will has never been with a woman. Lena, undeniably drawn to the Beast, constantly tempts Will and takes his rebuffs as rejection. However, the two are drawn together through the political intrigues of the Victorian court, all the while trying to stay out of the clutches of vindictive blue blood, Colchester, who plans to take Lena as his thrall.

The story is pretty typical of steamy romance, but the paranormal and steampunk elements seem to be pretty well integrated, rather than an afterthought. McMaster nicely weaves in the characters from the first book in the series, and even gives interesting glimpses of the lead characters in the next book. Overall the book was fairly predictiable, but entertaining.

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