by Jonathan Odell

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The Healing provides a thought provoking look at slavery in the antebellum South.  Gran Gran has just taken in a young grieving orphan named Violet.  Gran Gran tells Violet the story of her life beginning when she was born a slave on a plantation.  She was taken from her mother as a newborn and raised in the big house.  The mistress of the plantation is insane with grief after her daughter dies.  The mistress takes the newborn baby girl and names her Granada.  Granada is raised in the big house as a sort of pet for the mistress.  After twelve years in the big house, life takes a sudden turn for Granada.  A healer named Polly Shine is bought by the master to heal the slaves of a troubling epidemic.  Polly Shine immediately sees something special in Granada and takes her on as an assistant.  Polly Shine talks about freedom.  Granada doesn’t really want to go to freedom land.  She just wants to go back to the big house where life was easy and comfortable.  Polly Shine is a strong, wise woman who uses all of her powers to help her people.  Polly’s strength clashes with Granada’s stubborn folly.

The Healing is a beautifully written book.  It brings to life amazing characters and gives a glimpse into a tragic time. 


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