by Tom Piccirilli

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True confession: The cover made me read this book. I am a fan of Find a Grave and I can't resist a good headstone cover especially with the tagline "Where the dying come to live."

Johnny Donatello, Dane for short, has been wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Angie Monticelli of the Monticelli crime family in Brooklyn. While he is trying to avoid a hit, Angie wants him to avenge her death. But she isn't the only one asking for a favor. Dane sees dead people and he's juggling requests from both realms while never loosing sight of his own to-do list.

If you like dining out with a good book, pair Headstone City with my old haunt Gaetonao's and sop up the atmosphere. Occasionally I could not tell who was dead or alive and which realm the action was talking place but these few instances were fleeting. It is probably no coincidence Piccirilli named his flawed hero after the Italian sculptor noted for Illusionism. The tough guy dialogue and atmospheric details helped transport me to Dane's world. And like a successful hit, you won't see the end coming.

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