by Lisa Lutz

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Heads You Lose begins as a concept: two writers, Lisa Lutz and David Hayward, will write a book together.  They tried to write together before, but they face this project with a sense that this time it might work out.  Lutz and Hayward alternate chapters, attempting to solve the murder with which the book begins.  Each chapter ends with a few notes between the two authors.  These are the funniest parts of the book, where Lutz and Hayward take cheap shots at each other and their chapters.  The novel's chapters have distinct voices for each writer, and feature vastly different ideas of where the story should go.  By the time a handful of murders has piled up and a plane crash takes place, the authors find that maybe they can't work together after all.  Every chapter has some surprise, as the writers heavy-handedly try to make their solution to the mystery prevail.  This metafictional story will entertain you and introduce a new take on the mystery genre.  

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