by Jennifer Brown

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How do you move on after a school shooting? What if it's your boyfriend who did it? What if people think that you helped him decide who to shoot? What if you're not sure whether you're happy you lived, even though you were shot that day? Valerie has a lot of questions that she needs to answer for herself. Yes, she was Nick's girlfriend, yes, she made the infamous hate list with him--lists of people who targeted them for abuse, teachers they didn't like. But she didn't know about Nick's plan. No one did until he started shooting. Now it's 5 months later, and Valerie is trying to finish out her senior year amongst the classmates who are still trying to recover from the trauma of that horrible day. But the support of a therapist and unexpected offers of friendship can help Valerie face the demons that she ultimately must face alone. Will she ever remember who she was before May 2, and will she ever be that person again?

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