by Haruki Murakami

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This book has grown on me the longer it has been since I read it. It seems like he delved into his more fantastic side. Whereas his other stories seem to border on the unreal, this book seems like he let himself indulge in the magical side of magical-realism.  The story stays true to Murakami’s typical mundane characters battling with inner questioning and being thrusted into an unimaginable situation loaded with mystery and suspense, it also has his typical dreamlike feel, but this book includes untypical grandeur of scenery and characters such as shadows and libraries filled with skulls to read. I still am on the fence about this book because I felt like at times it was hard to believe in and keep interested the scenarios he was proposing, but I feel with more time the story haunts me, and I appreciated the risk he took with the book. 

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