by Katrina Leno

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Okay: a very intriguing, mysterious plot here.  Molly Pierce regularly loses hours of her life.  She will wake up in places she does not remember going to with no memory of how she arrived there.  More startlingly, no one who knows her appears concerned about these memory lapses.  In fact, her friends and family accept Molly's sporadic memory and behavior without hinting at the secret, just as they have done for the past 17 years.

Molly feels as though she has only lived half her life, but now she is beginning to remember.  Her memories come in spurts and offer few answers, but Molly is convinced that if she can harness these glimpses of her past, she can find the answers to the alternate reality she seems to have lived in...and solve the mystery of why the dead boy she never met loved her.

A suspenseful, moving narration of confusing, difficult circumstances; highly recommended for amateur psychiatrists and fans of e. Lockhart's We Were Liars.

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