by Stephen King

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The Gunslinger, aka Roland Deschain, has long been the brooding hero among fans of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The Gunslinger, first in the 8 book series, finds Roland in the desert of the mysterious Mid-World, pursuing “the man in black.” The narrative jumps between Roland’s quest, memories of his adolescent gunslinger training, and several recent encounters with other citizens of Mid-World leading up to the present.

Stephen King’s ham-fisted twists and turns are somewhat compelling, but leave the reader mostly cold and uninterested. The audiobook is read by George Guidall, who helps pull the listener through corny descriptions and absolutely clunky sexual innuendo. Rumor has it the series improves in subsequent installments.

The Gunslinger was originally published as a series of short stories. If you’re interested in another good chunk of interrelated tales, I’d recommend Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson

For more post-apocalyptic mayhem, check out Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.


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