by Warren Ellis

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The Hero:
NYPD Detective John Tallow – a traumatized loner, who after witnessing his partner’s gruesome murder stumbles into a crime scene like no other: an apartment loaded with guns – displayed in cascading designs covering the walls and floor.

The Kicker:
Each gun is linked to a cold case murder, some as cold as 20 years.   

The Villain:
An unprecedented and delusional serial killer known only as “the hunter”.  Though he lives entirely off the grid, his connections and benefactors are some of NY’s most influential and high profile residents. In a schizophrenically induced feral state, the hunter’s reality is in constant flux - sporadically flipping between Manhattan and Manhatta, replacing sky scrapers with trees, cars with fleeting herds of deer. The dude is nuts, and furious at Tallow for investigating his sacred mission.    

The Verdict:
An awesome in-your-face read.  As if written in all caps, the story screams. It’s a flawless crime novel that leaves no loose ends, but will leave you feeling frayed!

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