by Mary Roach

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This is arguably Mary Roach's grossest work to date, but as always she asks and finds answers to the questions that we all would ask, if we hadn't been scolded that those kinds of questions aren't polite. In Gulp, Roach takes us on a journey through our alimentary canal - from taste, to digestion, to waste, and everything in between. She explores the chemical "flavorings" that define how we taste, how war-time attempts to get people to eat more "variety meats" failed, if you can survive being eaten alive (Jonah in the Whale style), and even talks with Elvis' doctor about what really killed him. Gulp is packed with fascinating and educational fare, but you might want to skip reading during your lunch hour.

Emily Woo Zeller seems to perfectly capture Roach's voice while narrating this audiobook. She maintains the role of analytical investigator, and adds just enough snickering 12-year old boy to sound like Mary herself.


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