by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

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Guests of the Sheik is the firsthand account of Elizabeth Warnock Fernea's experience living in an Iraqi village for several years in the 1950's with her anthropologist husband. I loved the book because it was a very open, sincere look into a culture and a time that I knew little about.

As a westerner, it was fascinating to read about the village dynamics and routines and feelings that made up the lively community in which the author found herself. She makes you fall in love with her friends and you feel their hopes, dreams and frustrations as strongly as you would for characters from any book. The exciting festivals, the customs of this social culture, and the challenges of rustic village life give the story an exotic and engrossing flavor. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to learn about new cultures or seeks to understand how, despite superficial differences, people all across the world share many intrinsic values.

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