by Grumpy Cat

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Although I can't necessarily get behind the recent trend of taking internet sensations and turning them into books entirely, this one is definitely a keeper. Grumpy Cat is a great book to read when you are in bad spirits, if only because he's very relatable in that kind of mood. He says what you are thinking. He gives you tidbits of grumpy wisdom. From the first page that proudly exclaims he would like to thank no one, you know exactly what this book contains. 

Although I'm not sure if this book contains the power to make happy people grumpy, but it sure put a smile on this grumpy face on a few less than perfect days. The pictures are perfect and the activities are hilarious. It's a quick read from cover to cover, and the blunt negativity of it all keeps you chuckling at every page. Whether you are picking up this book to become more or less grumpy, I think you'll be satisfied. 

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