by Wendy Wan Long Shang

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Lucy Wu thinks she's going to have the perfect year. She's going into sixth grade - the oldest and most respected year at her school, she's a shoe-in for her school's basketball team despite her short stature, and, best of all, her older sister is moving to college, leaving her their bedroom all to herself for the first time in Lucy's life. But all her plans are ruined when she learns that her great aunt, Yi Po, her beloved grandmother's missing sister, is coming to visit for four months - and she's staying in Lucy's room. Worse, Lucy has to go to Chinese school instead of basketball practice!

In this highly readable debut from Wendy Wan-Long Shang, we learn the true meaning of the Chinese idiom the old man at the frontier lost his horse, and Lucy learns that the person she thought would ruin her best year ever might just be the reason it turns out so good.

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