by Kinky Friedman

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Dear Kinky, I have now read all of your books. More, please. I really need the laughs!
- Bill Clinton

Travelers can usually be divided into two distinct groups: those who want a "Learning Experience", and those who would rather kick back and do what the locals do (like drink too much Lone Star in Austin). In The Great Psychedelic Armadillo Picnic: A Walk in Austin, Kinky Friedman addresses the latter. In it you'll find the kind of helpful info that you would never find in a Frommer's guide book (like directions to Austin's best skinny dipping spot). It's the Kinkster's version of a travelogue - politically incorrect, appealingly offbeat, and funny as hell. 

Not only has the Kinkster provided the worthwhile activities, destinations, and places to eat not to be missed throughout his hometown, but he has also written an account that can stand alone - regardless of your travel plans. It definitely delivers the whole enchilada. 

I was sold as soon as Kinky described the spirit of Austin as "a puff of Willie, a riff of Stevie Ray, and a little piece of Janis's heart."

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