by Kayli Stollak

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If you are looking for a laugh-out-loud funny, insightful book, I would highly recommend reading Kayli Stollak's new book.  Kayli, a twenty-four-year-old bartender, is coming out of a serious, long-distance relationship.  She had expected it to eventually result in marriage, but she and her boyfriend decided they were at different places in life.  After months of pity parties and desperate hookups, Kayli's grandmother suggests she try online dating.  Kayli's grandmother is getting over the regret and pain of a forty-year affair, so together they agree to spend a year practicing dating, getting over their heartbreaks.  Each chapter features different men the two women date, along with the lessons they learn over the course of the year.  This book is a great story for anyone who has wondered if they could ever find love again after going through a bad break-up, or for people who want to laugh at others' experiences dating online.  Kayli and her granny are a great, unforgettable dating duo. 

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