by Kristin Cashore

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Graceling was recommended to me by a librarian when I told her I was looking for something to read over the weekend. While I didn’t end up reading it until much later, I realize now that was a mistake. Graceling takes place in a realm where certain people are “gracelings”, endowed with amazing, and occasionally banal, abilities. Katsa is Graced with the ability to kill and is used by her uncle as a way to control his nobility through intimidation and fear. I found myself reading Graceling over two days, absorbed in following Katsa’s story. While she is a strong character from the start, she also grows and matures as she is presented with increasingly difficult situations. All the characters in the novel felt genuine and real, with their own strengths and faults. I would recommend this book to anyone sick of werewolves and vampires in YA fantasy and looking for some originality, or anyone searching for a strong, yet realistic, heroine. I highly recommend continuing on in the series with the sequels Fire and Bitterblue.


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