by Kristin Cashore

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Graceling is a rich story based on a strong female heroine, Katsa. Katsa is what is referred to as being “graced” which means gifted in some way. Katsa is graced with the swift ability to kill. In the eyes of her uncle, King Randa, she is a very useful tool in controlling his subjects. Katsa is often conflicted when doing her uncles’ bidding; however, she finds much satisfaction in helping people. Upon rescuing a royal elderly prince from a different kingdom, she meets his grandson, Prince Po. Po is also graced with the ability to sense feelings and surroundings. He is a very good match for fighting and befriending Katsa. When Katsa defies one of King Randa’s requests, Katsa flees the kingdom with Po on an exciting and dangerous quest to find out who was behind his grandfather’s kidnapping.  What Katsa ultimately finds is the depth of her strength, and feelings for Po. This is a great novel for anyone who appreciates a strong female character.

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