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Wow, I had no idea...Chris Rock, hair, how could you learn anything, right? Eye opening and entertaining.

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This movie was informative and entertaining. Chris Rock was a great narrator as well as interviewer. I didn't know how important and how time-consuming an African-American's hair can be. I have respect for straight hair, but I love love the natural look.

I agree, Carissa. I couldn't believe how much effort goes into straightening and how toxic it is. Very informative and entertaining. Thanks for your comment.

I'm African American, my best friend is white we both watched this movie and she will not stop lecturing me to stop relaxing my hair. I'm down to twice a year. This movie is very informative about the culture and shocking about who controls this industry and how across the world it effects people as well. Very good watch. I guess soon we'll have to go natural thanks to Chris Rock.

Glad you enjoyed it and learned something! Now I feel I should watch it again!

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