by Hannah Moskowitz

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Told in alternating voices, this is the story of Lio and Craig, of dealing with loss and of finding each other. Lio was a "cancer kid"--he and his twin brother both had leukemia when they were 8. Lio survived. His twin didn't. Lio has survivor's guilt, and his family didn't survive the cancer intact, either. Craig's ex-boyfriend Cody is in a mental hospital--he lost his father in the Pentagon on 9/11. It's a year later, and Craig is still in love with Cody, but also thinks he might have to move on with his life--maybe with Lio. Both are freaked out by the Beltway Sniper attacks in their area, and are scared to love anyone or anything that they might lose at any moment. Can Lio and Craig learn to trust each other and make something new and good out of so much brokenness?

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