by Gillian Flynn

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Nick and Amy Dunn are a young married couple.  Passionately in love when everything in their lives was peaches and cream, but when Nick loses his job, Amy's parents spend beyond their means and have to borrow her trust fund, Nick's mother becomes terminal with cancer and they move to Missouri, and Nick has an affair with a young coed...they seem to be on a downward spiral.  

They had had an argument the previous night, one of those loud ones the neighbors will remember hearing.  But this morning, Amy is up and making homemade crepes saying, "hello handsome" and it's their fifth anniversary.  It's all pretty confusing to Nick.  He had thought they were heading for divorce and now she's being syrupy sweet and full of love and admiration.  

After arriving at The Bar, the drinking establishment he co-owns with his twin sister, Nick receives a call from one of their neighbors.  He's telling Nick that the front door of the house Amy and Nick are renting is wide open. Amy doesn't seem to be anywhere around, and the 'indoor only' cat is sitting on the front porch.  When Nick arrives at the house, he sees the cat, finds the front room disheveled and no Amy.  Nick begins to panic.  He quickly dials 911 to report his wife is missing and may have been kidnapped.  This is when the lies begin or is it?

This story is a little slow to suck the reader in, I'd advise giving it 3-4 chapters before giving up on it.  It's truly the definition of a psychological thriller!  I spent a great deal of time flipping back and forth as I tried to get in front of the story, playing the detective.  There are so many surprises and the planning, the details in the planning, are so methodical, so diabolical it might just leave you a little shaken in the end.


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