by Libba Bray

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Somewhere between a road trip and just plain tripped out, somewhere between Mad Cow Disease and madness, somewhere between life and death, you'll find Going Bovine. Cameron has just found out that he has Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, aka Mad Cow disease. He's dying. Cameron hasn't done all that much with his life yet, but he's not sure how much he cares, either. When he's visited by a punk angel named Dulcie who tells him that he might find a cure AND save the world if he sets out on a quest, he figures Why not? It's better than sitting around in a hospital room and having his temperature and blood pressure checked every few hours. What follows is a wacky road trip involving a New Orleans jazz legend, a happiness cult, Gonzo, classmate of Cameron's and dwarf, a yard gnome who claims to be the Viking god Balder, reality TV, alternate dimensions, and Cameron trying to figure out the secret of life. Expect the unexpected!!

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