by Kate Locke

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Xandra Vadran is a "halvie" (half human, half plague) living in a British Empire that never got de-Empired becuase the Queen is still alive and has been ruling for 175 years. Essentially the black plague has mutated and in turn has mutated those with aristocratic blood, some become Vampires, some become Weres and some, the most plagued, become Goblins.

In this world the Halvies act as bodyguards for the aristos defending them from human threats and interspecies dangers. Xandra is one of the best and works for the Royal Guard, and she loyal to the throne above all else. Until the day her baby sister is found dead shortly after being committed to New Bethleham (Bedlam) for attacking a former lover and peer of the realm. Everyone is heartbroken, accept Xandra has the twitchy feeling that it isn't her baby sis on the slab. This begins a whirlwind adventure through the streets and underground of London. Fun read, fun twists, sexy beasts and no-nonsense chicks. Corsets and combat boots, I mean com'on!

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