by Alexis M Smith

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Glaciers is a sweet, thoughtful, little novel. Through a series of short chapters that feel like vignettes, it invites us into the life of Isabel, a young woman who grew up in Alaska. We see moments in her past -- interior moments with her family and exterior moments among the glaciers and trees. These are interwoven with moments from her present -- living in Portland, OR, repairing books at the library, shopping at thrift stores.  

Other lives also weave in and out of Isabel's story and her imagination. Moments captured in the old photographs and postcards of strangers intermingle with stories from a war veteran with whom Isabel shares sometimes silent cups of early morning coffee and tea at work. The vignettes connect to and build upon each other, even though sometimes that's only through Isabel's developing sense of the world and herself.

Together, these short glimpses give us a surprisingly rich experience of one young woman's life in the Pacific Northwest. They also show almost meditatively how the world extends out beyond Isabel, and beyond each of us, ahead to the future and back to the past. 


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