by Douglas J Preston

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A new series from the team of Preston and Child. Gideon Crew is a much different character than Aloyisious Pendergrast but still a genius. Crew is a much younger and funnier character, the stories are still fast paced, action filled thrillers but I think in a more approachable manner. I have read some reviews that dislike the character calling him 2D, I disagree i just think they are trying not to show too much too soon. After Gideon's father is assassinated his mother falls into alcoholism as an escape and Gideon turns to crime, petty thefts and such, until the day at his mothers deathbed when Gideon learns that his father was set up and used as a scapegoat and what his mother wants above all else is revenge. Hang on tight and dive right in to this great new series.

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