by Dan Poblocki

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Readers Beware: The Ghost of Graylock made me nervous, reading in a brightly lit room at midday! Reading at night not advised!

The Ghost of Graylock was lot of fun to read. It's the usual story: a couple kids think they're just having a little fun looking for ghosts, but stumble upon a secret that's more than they bargained for - and that doesn't want to let them go! But what makes this book more spooky and exciting than other books is the way the author weaves together a truly suspenseful scene! I was on the edge of my seat at several points through the book as situations provided unexpected twists and turns and creepy imagery.

This is a children's literature book, but even as a full-grown adult I found myself shivering and thinking what a good motion picture it would make one day. Read it! -just not at night.

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