by Peg Kehret

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What would you do if you saw a dog that was being mistreated? One morning on the way to school, sixth-grader Rusty sees a German Shepherd Dog chained outside in icy weather without shelter, food and water. Rusty worries about the dog all day. When his teacher challenges him and his classmates to think of a problem each of them can personally solve, Rusty decides his project will be helping the dog. He begins by sneaking food to the dog and taking photos every day to document the neglect so the Animal Control officer can intervene. But when the ghost of a collie appears to Rusty, and he discovers the German Shepherd has been injured, he knows he has to protect the dog now. With the help of his best friend Andrew, he rescues the dog and gives it a home in their old fort. But is it rescuing or stealing? And why does the ghost dog keep showing up? When the dog's owner finds out Rusty has the dog, both he and the dog are in danger.

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