Book Genre: Christian

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Nadia Bolz-Weber

 Nadia Bolz-Weber looks more like a tall, tough biker than most people's views of a pastor, and hearing much of her life story wouldn't change that guess. She's a sober alcoholic, a former stand-up comic, covered with tattoos, and of course a woman to boot. But in her new book, she takes us...

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Susan E Isaacs

I enjoyed this book because the author asks so many questions that we often times ask our God. But as she goes through her trials and tribulations, so understand why she's questioning the actions of God and the universe. I easily put myself in her shoes.

I love the humor that is put in...

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Terri Blackstock

Shadow in Serenity is a Christian fiction book.   Although there are Christian elements to the story, the Christian message is woven into a broader story of relationships, trust and honesty.

Carny was raised as part of a carnival family.  Her parents were...

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