by Philippa Ballantine

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This was a fast paced book with an interesting take on fantasy; fascinating mix of steampunk and high fantasy. Sorcha is an Active, someone who can harness the powers of another world, a world beyond the veil, her husband and partner her Sensitive has been damaged so she is assigned a new Sensitive (someone who can sense the powers of the other world), Merrick a sophomore Sensitive who has a dark secret in his past that has to do with Sorcha and why they may not be the best of pairs. They are immediately sent off on a mission that Sorcha sees as a waste of time, that is until everything goes pear-shaped. Together Sorcha and Merrick discover that all is not as it seems in their guild and their is a danger approaching their world which may just signal the end of all things. At times the plot is a bit patchy but the action and the world building more than made up for these weaknesses in my mind.

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