by Kieran Scott

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KJ is a geek magnet. She has always been a geek magnet. Everywhere she goes creey guys, dorky guys, smart guys, clumsy guys are all drawn to her - they can't leave her alone. But normal guys? Cute, popular guys? No way. Take her high school's spring musical, Grease. KJ is the stage manager and she's super excited, except for the lighting guy, the assistant stage manager, and her oldest friend (all geeks) are also doing the play. Why can't these guys give her any space? The most popular girl in school (who's also playing Sandy) decides to give KJ some lessons in being NOT NICE and setting some boundaries. KJ can't believe her luck - she's getting attention from someone popular and the other, popular, normal guys are starting to notice! But when pushing the geeks away results in becoming a jerk to your other friends and your family, is it worth it?

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