by Frederik Pohl

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This book had a really interesting concept- a gateway controlled by a corporation where ships remain from an ancient race- the Heechee. Prospectors pay extreme amounts of money for their chance to go out on a ship, destination unknown, to find new locations and artifacts that can be sold. I enjoyed this idea of space as being another western frontier, seeing if you could strike rich. Unfortunately, the story doesn't cover that much of the history of this endeavor and focuses more on Robinette's mental frame of mind as he navigates his feelings about being there.

The story goes back and forth between Robinette Broadhead’s experiences there and his experiences in therapy dealing with what happened in that time period.  I enjoyed the parts of the story that talked about the prospectors which had classifieds and other advertisements mixed into the narrative, but the overall story I found disappointing.  While there are other books that continue the story of the Heechee, I found this first installment to be repetitive at times and pretty light on the science fiction, leaning more towards a character study of Robinette.

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