by Ellen DeGeneres

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This audio book gets props for being the only audio book I have ever finished. I have trouble with the pacing of audio books and some of the narration is less than great. But since The funny thing is is narrated by Ellen DeGeneres, the author herself, it doesn't seem like as much meaning and tone are lost. 

The only words of caution I have about this book is that some of her chapters are a little hard to understand without a decent knowledge of important figures and good knowledge of vocabulary. To understand some jokes you will have to come with a base level of knowledge. By no means does she use language that only academics can wade through, but there will be the occasional five dollar word.

The funny thing is is a compilation of short stories or skits if you will taken out of moments in Ellen's life. The segues are less than logical but it gives the book a nonchalant conversation feel, which is a quite pleasant experience in my opinion.  Her sense of humor is quick witted and often very sarcastic. Most of the topics covered in this book are what she likes to say are everyday occurrences, and they are very relatable. I think that is the strength of both her book and her comedy in general, she speaks to the every man while drawing from her personal experiences, real or imagined. 



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