by Stephen King

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Full Dark, No Stars is collection of four novellas: "1922," "Big Driver," "Fair Extension," and "A Good Marriage." The afterward begins, “The stories in this book are harsh. You may have found them hard to read in places.” Yup.

"1922" is a story about a man who kills his wife in a rather brutal fashion and then is haunted in an equally brutal fashion. "Big Driver" is a story about a writer who is assaulted and left for dead, only to crawl away from her intended grave with revenge on her mind. "Fair Extension" is a darkly whimsical tale about a roadside deal with a devil-type-character. And, "A Good Marriage" is a facetiously titled story about a woman who discovers that her husband of twenty-seven years is secretly an infamous serial killer.

Though not my normal fictional fare, Full Dark is well-written. King’s prose flows effortlessly. But, the stories are demanding and gruesome things, mitigated only slightly by a darkly comforting sense of underlying justice.

I.e., it’s pretty good, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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