by Kristen Iversen

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Moving to Colorado only a decade ago, I knew very little about Rocky Flats before reading this book.  The last of the (accounted for) plutonium had been shipped out and the name was something I would see in headlines regarding the legal suits but I didn’t know the history.  Iverson’s book does an excellent job of providing the history from it’s inception to the ongoing debates and all the dangerous debacles in between.  On a smaller scale, she provides her own overlapping experience caught in the volatile and hazardous world of a dysfunctional family and a toxic zone of radioactive waste from the plant just miles away.  At times, the writing transitions can feel forced and labored, but she shows both the attitudes and hopes of those who lived near and worked at Rocky Flats with the indifference and greed of the contractors and government.  It will leave you shocked, frustrated, and wary of what “the public good” means to those tasked with protecting us.


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