by Richard Castle

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This fourth book in the meta-fictional Nikki Heat series, based on the Castle television show, is the best so far. Written in the same tone as the show, and paralleling key plot points and character arcs, these books within the TV show are perfect companion pieces. Johnny Heller's reading fits well.

Frozen Heat chronicles the case of a woman found frozen in a suitcase. In typical thriller/police procedural fashion, the twists and turns of the investigation lead to unexpected discoveries and even links to Nikki's most personal cold case - the murder of her mother ten years ago.

What makes the Castle books so enjoyable is that they carry forth the same kind of pop culture inside jokes that the show does, as well as the loveable and entertaining snark of the Richard Castle/Jameson Rook character. My favorite running gag of the series - a pair of detectives in Nikki's squad named Malcolm and Reynolds. Shiny!



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