by Delia Ephron

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Just one week before she turns 15, Frannie's father dies. Frannie and her dad had a special connection–they were both artists. Her mother and stepfather don't understand that part of her, and now Frannie feels that no one ever will. Going through her dad's things, Frannie finds a carved wooden box, labeled "Frances Anne, 1000." It contains a hand carved and painted jigsaw puzzle–her birthday present, maybe? As Frannie puts together the pieces of the puzzle, she is transported to a place and time in her father's life she knew nothing about, and learns more about him and her family. Grieving isn't all about loss and memories, though, its about engaging with life again. Frannie is forced to do this when her mom signs her up to be the arts and crafts counselor at a summer camp, where she finds that you don't have to be an artist to be someone worth loving.

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