by Rachel Bach

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Devi Morris is a woman with a plan. After flying through the ranks in the Blackbird Company - an elite armored mercenary group- Devi is looking for more. She joins the crew of the Glorious Fool in hopes that her performance there will land her in the elite military group, the Devastators, honor guard of the king. Of course, plans are made to go awry and Devi’s explodes in her face. The Fool isn’t your average trading ship-they don’t pick up much cargo, but man does everyone want to blow them up. There are secrets, strange stops, and some armored lizard men who may or may not want to kill her.  Devi is the sci-fi heroine I’ve been waiting for: strong and decisive, funny without being frivolous, and so hardcore she names her weapons.  The first in a trilogy, this is a raucous almost space opera with more twists and hidden agendas than you can shake a stick at. The only disappointment was the romance- it felt forced and marred an otherwise excellent book. Book 2 is Honor's Knight and book 3 is Heaven's Queen.

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