by Matthew Quick

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This is a very sad day in the life of Leonard Peacock, unfortunately it also happens to be his 18th birthday. This is the day Lenard chooses to be his last day and that of his enemy and former friend Asher. Leonard goes to school armed with his grandfathers P-38 Nazi pistol that he brought back from the war. Asher has bullied Leonard unmercifully for the past few years, when they stopped being friends. Since then Leonard has become somewhat of a loner with few friends, except for an elderly man named Walt, a violinist who was also  once bullied, a teacher Leonard admires, Herr Silverman, and a homeschooled Christian girl, Lauren. Throughout the book, Leonard’s sad and disturbing story is revealed. He is constantly looking to be saved. Not only do you truly feel for Leonard, but all the characters in the book. The reader hopes for a better outcome for all of them.

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