by Carrie Ryan

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Mary's whole life has been lived behind the fences of the village. Everyone is kept in by the threat of the Unconsecrated, zombies who will either eat your flesh or bite you and turn you in to one of them, but they're also kept in by the Sisters and the Guardians, protectors of the village and keepers of many secrets. No one in the village knows anything of the outside world, and whether they may be the last people on the planet, but Mary's mother told her stories of something called the ocean before she joined her father in the Forest of Hands and Teeth. When the fences are breached by the Unconsecrated and the village overrun, Mary and a few others escape into the gated paths that run through the forest, paths that no one has ever been allowed to enter. Filled with exciting adventure, romance, and a girl learning what it means to be on her own and make her own decisions, you won't soon forget Mary or her descriptions of her future world.

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