by Kate DiCamillo

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Flora sees her neighbor, Tootie, vacuum up a squirrel. Immediately, Flora springs into action to help rescue the little guy. When the squirrel is released from the vacuum cleaner, Flora notices that he is no longer an average squirrel. Convinced that he is a super hero, Flora takes Ulysses (named after the vacuum cleaner that sucked him up) home with her. Like every superhero, Ulysses has an arch-nemesis, who happens to be Flora’s mom.
Flora, who splits time between her divorced parents, becomes friends with Tootie’s great-nephew, William Spiver.  Together, with help from Flora’s father and Tootie, they try and save Ulysses from Flora’s mom.
When I first started reading this I thought it was a little odd but it’s hard not to end up caring for Flora, Ulysses, William Spiver and all of the characters. It was hilarious!

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