by Tim Federle

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Nate from Better Nate Than Ever is back, and this time he's legitimately living in New York City with his aunt, in rehearsals for E.T.: The Musical as second understudy for E.T. himself. While it was great to hear Nate's voice again in this sequel, I didn't find it as enjoyable as the first book--too many coincidences that turned into big breaks for Nate, the last one just seemed way too much. That said, Nate's wonder at living his dream of being on Broadway vs. the reality of script changes, personality clashes, and trying to keep up with folks with a lot more experience--and attitude--than him was fun, and it was nice to see his confidence peeking out every so often. The sweetest moments for me came not from his Broadway triumphs, but from his connections to other characters. Read Better Nate Than Ever first to get the background on this character and how he got here.

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