by Romily Bernard

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Find me. These are the words on Tessa's diary the day it shows up on Wick Tate's doorstep. By the time Wick sees it, Tessa is already dead.

Wick is an unconventional heroine caught in the middle of two plots: a suicide investigation only she has the hacking skills to solve, and a criminal scheme set up by her father that she has to help with to keep him from hurting her sister, Lily. Wick's only interest is protecting Lily, so she is reluctant to get involved with investigating Tessa's death. But then she uncovers sickening clues that lead her to believe that there is a man out there who directly contributed to Tessa's suicide, and that his next target is Lily.

Racing through computer programs and code to find the man who caused Tessa to jump to her death, Wick's only hope is that she can find him before he finds Lily. Or before her father comes for them both.

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