by E. L James

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It feels like everyone in the world was talking about 50 Shades of Grey, so I decided to see what it was all about.  I began reading this book with a grain of salt--a friend had forewarned me that the writing in this book is not tremendously invigorating.  I have to agree!

As I blazed my way through this story, I spoke with more people about it.  In doing this, I learned that it started out as Twilight fan fiction written by a British woman.  This, then, helped me to realize how the interpretation of British slang to American slang could make the writing seem less than perfect.

I started out liking the characters very much and could relate to the situations and experiences that each had, but as the novel turned toward darker material, I enjoyed the characters less and less.  It was a nice pleasure read for an extended plane trip, but I don't know that I will read the remainder of the series. 

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If you force yourself to read it because everyone else is raving about it and you originally had no desire to read it, there is a good chance you arent going to like it all that much.
I too, have no desire to read it and yet, my sisters raved about it and couldnt put it down. Apparently, its just subject matter I am not all that interested in.

I resist the crowd but sure do love trying to figure out what makes the crowd tick. The back and forth communication between the characters is mind numbing. The book, however, did get people talking and maybe even exploring the idea that one person's pain/torture is another's pleasure/BDSM. Ultimately, I had to use my safe word and stop after the first book.

I honestly loved the series. The first book can throw people off if they are not open minded about the 'quirks' in relationships that are formed by growing up, experiences with sexual intercourse, and examples presented to them. In Gray's case, he was abused. It was the only way he could function 'normally' in any relationship and though his 'way' (the contract) was good for him, he eventually did learn (later on in the series) that love is possible and 'normal' healthy sexual intercourse can in fact be forged. BDSM is a lifestyle, much like wearing black all the time and painting your face black. Piercings, etc. IF BDSM is consensual and rules strictly applied, it can make for a satisfying and fulfilling encounter. However, Anastasia was brave enough to help Gray learn and grow. The reference to the 'Twilight' series was brought up and in my mind, was a good reference to 'lifestyles' one decides to embark upon and the journey begins. One fact we can conclude on is that Anastasia had a choice, just as Bella did in Twilight. To each his own without judgement and one can always change their mind. Read the other books in the series and you'll see what I'm saying. It is a fantastic love story.

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