by Peter Stenson

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Rarely have I encountered a book so pessimistic, so heartbreaking, so hopelessly despondent…yet so entertaining as Peter Stenson's Fiend. I mean, zombies and tweekers? That right there is enough to pique my disturbed interest.

The book begins with an unabashed meth addict who’s struggling to pull himself out from a week-long drug-fueled bender. In a moment of clarity, he finds himself in the midst of an apocalypse. The world has been narrowed down to meth-heads and zombies (very disconcerting zombies that laugh maniacally as they stalk and kill). Something about being high spared our hero from whatever it was that took out the population. This kid – this addict, with his only vaguely remaining moral compass, is our only option for empathy. Our only hope for humanity. 

With its Tarantino-like violence, this creepily tender drug narrative wants to break your mind like glass. It's definitely horrifying, but in the end, Fiend is more about the horrors of addiction than anything. 

Stenson is a local Denver author. He’s a recovering addict and has been sober for 10 years. Pretty cool. 


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