by Philip Reeve

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The audio book version of Fever Crumb, narrated by author Philip Reeve, was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. People who enjoy audio books know how vital the narrator is in presenting the story, and Reeve is an elegant practitioner of the art. The story is set in a future London that has not progressed in its use of technology, but rather is forced to scavenge ideas and equipment from past civilizations. It is an angry and divided society, and one which young Fever Crumb has been largely unexposed to. A fateful decision hurls her into the middle of events as a clash between the warring elements of society confront each other, and the warring aspects within Fever begin to emerge as well. This young adult novel is hard to pigeonhole into a specific genre, as it combines aspects of fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk. I like to think that this makes it appealing to a wide audience, as it should be. Highly recommended.

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