by James Galvin

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What's become of 'the American West' comes to life in this brilliantly written story.  Ranchers and cowboys once wrestled a living from mile upon mile of open prairie and the foothills that sweep across the land. From Fort Collins and Ted's Place to the west, on up 287 to Tie Siding, Laramie and the Medicine Bow Range, to the Wind Rivers... If you're at all familiar with that stretch, or if the open air and the blue sky draw you to wonder, or to wander, you'll be right at home with this book.  Life's gotten harder there for the cowboys these days.  Galvin unveils the conflicts that have come about over the past 50 years or so.  The characters are full of life, real, gutsy and original.  The dialog is snappy and fresh, and the story holds your interest all the way.  "Twenty years ago a pickup cost four steers.  Now it costs forty.  That forced ranchers to run more livestock... "  "The horse was a statue wired to explode."  " The sheriff had given up on his Apache tracker.  True, the guy could tell you if an ant had crossed a sugar cube, but ..."  Lyrical writing, a compelling story, and lots to learn and wonder about, I highly recommend Fencing the Sky.

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