by Tom McNeal

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A great ensemble of characters that keep the reader entranced in this rich modern day fairy tale. Jeremy Johnson Johnson lives with his father in his inherited bookstore that only carries two titles, hence the name, The Two Book Bookstore. The bookstore is undergoing foreclosure and Jeremy is worried about where he and his father will end up. He is a bit of a loner, his only friend a ghost who happens to be Jacob Grimm. Jacob has been wandering since his passing looking for his brother Wilhelm, when he hears of a boy who may be in danger and who might be able to hear him. While Jacob helps Jeremy excel at school, he also guides him with the morals of life. When Jeremy is befriended by Ginger, Jacob has a hard time guiding him; especially when they get into a bit of mischief. Overtime, their friendship turns into much more while still remaining innocent. When Ginger tries to help him get onto a popular game show, Uncommon Knowledge, Jeremy is hopeful that he will win the money needed to save the bookstore. Unfortunately, like Jacob’s stories, an unlikely villain emerges and changes both Jeremy’s and Ginger’s lives forever. Can the ghost of Jacob Grimm be the hero in this tale?

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